SoPrecious Fertility Questionnaire

Fertility Coaches fill a vital void in the current healthcare model.

Chika Samuels is the founder of SoPrecious fertility and lifestyle intervention center.
She is a wellness authority and supportive coach who help intending parents shift their behavior toward healthier habits in their journey to parenthood.

Whether your goal is weight loss/maintenance, overcoming infertility, improving digestion, managing stress, improving wellness- we are here to support you to develop sustainable lifestyle changes that support reproduction & motherhood demands.

No two infertility or wellness illness/challenge is the same, hence in other to offer specific guidance; we will need you to provide some information to help us understand your current situation.

Kindly complete the following Questionnaire as this will ensure our initial conversations are productive.
Kindly note that your responses to all these questions are kept completely private and are only to discuss your fertility situation when you are engaged. They are provided so our team of medical & wellness practitioners can accurately assess your specific situation and have informed discussions with you.

The more we understand about your current situation the easier it will be to assess if and how we can be of assistance in your case.

Please be thorough and succinct in your answers. We look forward to the opportunity to talk.