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The data below is an indicator of your toxicity levels depending on your score!

Stage 1: 0-9 Points

Congratulations it looks like you’re doing great! You appear to be well and it seems like you have your health under control. Just make sure you are not straining your liver with continued stress, lack of sleep,

poor eating, etc. My recommendation in terms of detoxification at this point is only the SoPrecious 12 weeks of functional medicine detox to keep up with and remove the continual accumulation of toxins. Do also try to incorporate a healthy daily routine as shared in our private nutritional plan in order to stay well and balanced.

Stage 2: 10-19 Points

It looks like you’re doing pretty well, but you’re starting to see the effects of hidden toxicities expressing themselves on the outside as symptoms. It’s also at this point that you may be moving towards a disease state – The soprecious detox was made for you. A formal 7, 14, or 21-day detox is advised and then seasonal detoxes after that to maintain optimal health and balance. I also highly recommend incorporating the daily healthy living routines shared in our nutritional plans.

Stage 3: 20+ Points

Your body is now showing signs of toxic overload and total body burden. Most likely, you are feeling the effects of this toxicity in your daily life in terms of inflammation(eg fibroids, joint pains, cysts, infertility, lowered vitality, lowered mood, and less overall “get up and go.”

A 12 weeks detox is recommended to decrease toxic accumulation until you reach a score of 10 points or less. At that point, you can simply drop down to one 7-day detox seasonally/quarterly.

Click on the link to enroll:

How to Do a Functional Medicine Detox

When you enrol in the SoPrecious weight loss detox, You will learn the daily detox methods you can use to lighten your total body burden, as well as alternative non-toxic recommendations to keep yourself healthy going forward.

Lastly, each time you complete a 7, 14, or 21-day detox please retake this Toxicity Quiz to see how your score has decreased. And remember, my own total toxicity score on this test used to be well over 100 pts! Now, it remains below 10 points and I want to show you how to do the same.

To find out more about this SoPrecious integrative health Detox that I use in my private practice

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